The Pacific Crest Trail (as captured by Rebel)

After navigating the inner workings of Youtube and recutting music without sacrificing artistic vision, Lisa, aka Rebel, has put together a beautiful video that chronicles our PCT adventure. Please enjoy.

Since quitting the trail, we have relocated to Los Angeles in search of work and new opportunities. We’re enjoying California immensely and are striving to make the most of our time here. After years of wandering, it’s time to settle into our careers.

To that end, I have posted some more fiction: a grim fantasy entitled the Enthralled, and the opening of a science fiction story I am tentatively calling Zealot. Both contain violence and may not be suitable for young children.

1,000 Miles of the Pacific Crest Trail


2 thoughts on “The Pacific Crest Trail (as captured by Rebel)

  1. The musical slide show is terrific, I can see how increasingly beautiful the trail was getting as you progressed northward. Love the butterfly on the milk wood. Good job, well done!

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