Sunny San Diego

This is one of our hosts in San Diego. Her name is Penny.

This is one of our hosts in San Diego. Her name is Penny.

We landed in California yesterday expecting bold blue skies, sultry breezes, and palm trees bathed in marmalade colored sunsets. Sunny San Diego is a lie! A rainy, gray, fifty-two degrees lie!! Actually, as a New Englander, I have been dreading the 700 miles of desert to come so the familiar chill was a welcome relief.

We were scooped up at the airport by a Trail Angel named Bob. We are camped out in Bob’s dilapidated Winnebago crammed into his backyard. Other hikers are sleeping in the house, along with Bob, his family, and three lovely dogs. Bob has taken over 139 hikers to the Pacific Crest Trail. He picks them up from the airport, puts them up at his house, and drives hikers to the trailhead. He is among a small, dedicated and generous group of people, dubbed Trail Angels, who help us undeserving folk during our adventure. Bob’s help and selflessness has me floored.

Tomorrow we leave before dawn for the Pacific Crest Trail. Lisa and I are brimming with excitement. It cannot start soon enough.

2 thoughts on “Sunny San Diego

  1. So excited to hear from you! Glad you have arrived safely on the West coast! Love you both! Happy travels. Aunt Carol


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